In May 2016, the owners of Tradea Sp. z o. o. signed a contract for the sale of 100 percent of their shares to UNIMOT, while still maintaining their positions and responsibilities. Today, the President of Tradea confirms that it was a very good step in the company’s development. 
- The entry of Tradea into the UNIMOT Corporate Group allowed us to achieve mutual synergy – says Marcin Kapkowski, President of Tradea Sp. z o. o. – Strong brand recognition of UNIMOT and the greater capital capabilities of the Group have strengthened our trade department, which has translated into a sharp increase in electricity trading. Higher capital for the Company also means greater access to larger electrical power producers, which we could not obtain in independent operation. The number of our clients has doubled in the last year and is still constantly growing. 
Let’s recall that a part of the payment for Tradea shares was the granting of warrants, which gave the right to purchase UNIMOT SA shares of the K series at 19.5 PLN per share. President Marcin Kapkowski exercised this right by acquiring all of his shares. The terms of the transaction were determined in 2016, when UNIMOT was still listed on the NewConnect market, while the shares were taken up in 2017. 
– I consider the purchase of UNIMOT SA shares as a long-term investment, expecting their value to increase over a longer time horizon – explains Marcin Kapkowski. – I intend to continue building the value of Tradea, and thus to contribute to the increase in the value of UNIMOT SA, of which I am a co-owner. For this reason, I signed a lock-up agreement for the majority stake of these shares. There are also shares not covered by the agreement that remain in my possession. I do not intend to sell them at current market prices because I believe their valuation does not reflect the real value of UNIMOT. I will calmly wait for times when other investors will share my opinion. 
Tradea is also the main supplier of electricity to Energogas Sp. z o.o. – a company in the UNIMOT Group, operating in the sale of electricity, natural gas and liquid gas to end customers. Further, dynamic growth of the sales portfolio of Energogas provides Tradea with indirect access to end customers and the natural market sale of electricity produced within the Capital Group. Thanks to the above strategy, the entire margin between the energy producer and the target customer remains in the UNIMOT SA Corporate Group, making at the same time, Tradea and Energogas’s offering even more competitive. 
As of the end of September 2017, the Tradea's equity is 3.7 million PLN, and the projected net profit after the third quarter is almost 0.5 million PLN, with revenues at 44 million PLN year-to-date. During nine months of operations in the current year, Trade has delivered over 262 GWh of electricity to its clients. 
Tradea has ambitious development plans: in 2018, the company wants to become a direct participant of Towarowa Giełda Energii SA (TGE Polish Power Exchange) – Direct operation on the TGE Polish Power Exchange market will allow us to significantly reduce transaction costs associated with securing commercial positions. This step will also be important in terms of increasing the position of our company, because we will join the largest players in the energy market – explains Marcin Kapkowski. 
Tradea is also involved in newly emerging initiatives of energy clusters, where it sees its place as a professional entity supporting the coordinators of these clusters. – We see here a  great development potential for our company – explains Marcin Kapkowski. – We want to actively participate in this sector of the market by offering the settling of accounts for energy sold and purchased within a given cluster as well as by offering trade balancing. 
The company is counting on maintaining a fast pace in the process of expanding the client portfolio in the coming years, to ultimately achieve a significant position in the wholesale energy market. 

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