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PPA contracts for renewable energy installations

PPA contracts for the purchase of electricity directly from energy producers (mainly from RES) are becoming a reality in Poland as well. This is the latest megatrend in the energy industry, and recently there has been increased interest from producers in distributed sources as well as energy consumers, mainly owners of factories and retail chains.
Power producers see an alternative to government support systems (RES, CHP) in PPA contracts – they allow for price protection for periods longer than 3 years. Recipients of energy, especially after recent sharp increases in energy prices in the Polish market, are looking for price stability in PPAs and, additionally, thanks to cooperating with renewable energy producers, they also have the potential to limit their negative impact on the natural environment through direct purchase of green energy.

TRADEA offers support for the following types of PPAs allowed by Polish law: 

On-site PPA where the producer’s generating unit is located directly at the recipient – e.g. a photovoltaic installation on the roof of the factory; 
A near-site direct wire PPA is when the producer’s generating unit is located in the immediate vicinity of the recipient, and electricity is sent directly to the internal power distribution board, bypassing distribution networks; 
Off-site PPA is when the producer’s generating unit is located within a certain distance of the recipient’s installation, and electricity generated in the generating unit is sent to the receiving installation via distribution networks (one or several DSOs). Contracts of this type exist in (i) multi-seller (several producers, one recipient) and (ii) multi-buyer (one producer and several recipients). 
As part of the service, we offer: 
1.    Assistance in finding the other party to the contract, taking into account the production profile and energy receiving profile; 
2.    Comprehensive consultancy in developing a model, profile analysis, balance sheet and protection strategy; 
3.    Provision of energy seller services and balancing agent services in distribution contracts between the producer and the recipient; 
4.    Comprehensive balance sheet management of the created group – management of surpluses and fulfilling deficits in electricity; 
5.    Settlement of accounts of the parties in the contract and presenting a detailed trade report. 

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